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Join Liars Bench Beer Co. for the 3rd annual Bockfest, a celebration of the coming spring, the goat, and of course, one of our favorite German lagers, Bock! Featuring classic variations from Dopple to Weizen as well as unique riffs and one offs, Bockfest welcomes 10+ breweries from New Hampshire's seacoast and beyond.

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Retro Throwback: Buti and Brews

I know you secretly (or not so secretly) still rock out to the likes of En Vogue, old school Janet Jackson, and Coolio. So we're throwing it back for this round - dropping it like it's hot, Snoop style.

It's always a good time when we team up with the folks at Liar's Bench Beer Co. to throw down some Buti Yoga beats! A wild and freeing mix of vinyasa yoga, tribal and hip hop dance, and HIIT-style bursts, this practice is more than just a workout: it's an expression of everything that you've been waiting to set free.

Let loose. Strengthen and lengthen. Clear it all out & shake it all off!
Tickets: $17 includes a post-practice beer from the great folks of Liars Bench Beer Co!

Space is limited - register in advance, and bring your mat & some water!

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