About us


Liar's Bench first began when Dane and Dagan built a board & nail bar in the basement of their first apartment. Fast friends and freshman roommates, they came up together during their years at UNH.  After graduation each wished the other well and split for separate coasts. Dane crossed the country, landing in San Francisco, where a hobby born from homebrewing with his Father compelled him to volunteer at Magnolia Brew Gastropub & Brewery in the Bay Area's famed Haight-Ashbury. It was at Magnolia that Dane first got drunk on beer. Well, wait, not intoxicated drunk, though, obviously one can assume, but drunk as in impassioned. He became impassioned to turn a hobby into a life’s discipline. In the years to follow, Dane would become a brewer at the international brewery Trumer, head brewer at Magnolia Pub, and in 2015, upon returning to the Seacoast, brewer at Smuttynose.

During that time Dagan spent his days laying roots in Portsmouth. Although, he’s worked in restaurants since fourteen, it was Dane who got him his first gig in the downtown area, bussing tables on the decks. Despite his brief flirtation with advertising, Dagan never fully wrenched himself from behind the bar. What began as bussing, turned to bartending, turned to the acting General Manager at the Franklin Oyster House. And over that time his reverence for the bar has grown as deep as stout.

Nowadays the two are down in the trenches at the official Liars' Bench, sledgehammering concrete, pouring it. Dane’s eager to brew, Dagan’s eager to pour, and both are eagerly awaiting the not so distant date when the doors open and it all really begins.